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Why attend Street Philosophies workshops?


Philosophy may sound like the kind of subject that people with large foreheads study, however, my research concludes that many of the great philosophers did have large foreheads alongside many with smaller craniums which makes this notion inconclusive.  Fortunately, being a female, I have a tiny head which has demonstrated the ability to grasp sufficient wisdom from philosophy for me to choose how I walk my path and survive the tougher times life throws at us. 


With a little practice, you can develop an evolving philosophical worldview, which provides you with an ability to immerse yourself in life, with choice and freedom.  Philosophy, found me when I was a snot-ridden penniless mess. Philosophy helped me climb out of a shithole state of existence, without philosophy I would have become a festering toxic wasteland in human form. Philosophy can be engaging, simple, fun and enlightening. You can become your own philosophical guide, which ultimately enables you to stand in your own personal power

Socrates said it is our responsibility to take care of our souls, and he was a wise fella, we are still quoting him now, after all these years. 

We need to examine our beliefs and values and rules which are toxic; artful examination can be medicinal.

Cicero: “There is, I assure you, a medical art for the soul. It is philosophy, whose aid need not be sought, as in bodily diseases, from outside ourselves. We must endeavour with all our resources and strength to become capable of doctoring ourselves.”

We must endeavour with our resources and strength to become ourselves. Hence the importance of nourishing yourself and taking care of you, these workshops are designed to cover uniques subject matter of deep importance to you,

There is such little for us to really consider who we are? what's important to me? why i am feeling so miserable with life? the subject matter is daunting to many, the fear is a reminder of it important to face it, it's never what you expect, it's likely you will laugh later on and what nonsense once had such importance.


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Ta-da with jubilant excitement, I’m  announcing the dates of the workshop!!’

Befriending your inner beasties


facilitated by Alexia Elliott 

Date is 1oth Aug 2019

Location, Leicester venue to be confirmed.  

This will be a small group with a maximum of 12 participants due to the nature of the content.

The cost is £100 for the day

The day starts at 10.30am and finishes around 5pm ish.


what will you take from attending this course?

A deeper understanding of yourself

A wise sense of compassion for self and others

Reframe how you view, what are often considered bad emotions (anger sadness, Fear, envy,  jealousy etc. 

Develop a alchemists mindset and discover the hidden magic within these more challenging emotions

Become mindful and respectful  of your ecology

Self-trust and a sharper intuition

Fascinated at how your emotions are brilliant allies

Feel more connected to yourself and nature. 

A resilience towards the natural ebbs and flows and comfort with paradox





How to fall in love with you

Facilitated by Alexia Elliott

Date 7th September 2019



As a result of attending this course, you will be thinking differently 


How different will your life be, for deciding to fall in love with you?







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