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 Overcoming Social Anxiety or  Social Phobia's with Hypnotherapy in Leicester

Social anxiety or social phobia is commonly summarised as being a 'fear of being judged' or 'put on the spot'. Many people who I see who are wanting me to help them with their social anxiety have previously visited many other therapists for various treatments with no permanent relief from their feelings. If you are interested in permanently overcoming social anxiety / social phobia, I practice a unique blend of therapies which very often leads to complete relief from feelings of shyness, being uncomfortable in social situations and all other feelings associated with social anxiety.

 Many people who I treat, have felt liberated and quite amazed by the outstanding change that has been accomplished in just a few sessions with me. These people decided to make a difference in their lives for the better, despite their fear of getting in touch, they get in touch, make the appointment and come and see me.  These people are now experiencing a new lease of life. why don't you?

With my experience, skills and understanding, I am able to help people to come to resolutions with their inner conflicts and as a result, permanently overcome social anxiety (social anxiety disorder / social phobia). This is a very common problem, so rest assured, you're not the only one.

Social anxiety is basically a fear of being judged or being put on the spot. Simple outings with other people or even friends such as going to the cinema, or a restaurant, or simply going out for a walk can prove to be a stressful and arduous occasion. In the extreme, people suffering from social anxiety rarely socialise and go outdoors at all, instead of living their life in a self-made prison. Hypnotherapy and various other psychological techniques will enable you to finally discover a way out of this allowing you to feel free, and happy at last.

The symptoms and problems of the sufferer are numerous, they include:    

  • A fear of public speaking, rejection, humiliation and embarrassment.
  •  Excessive blushing or fear of blushing.
  •  Stuttering and stammering.
  •  Sensitivity to criticism.
  • Feeling inferior to others.
  • Continually worrying about how others 'see' them.
  •  Having a shy bladder or bowel.
  •  Feeling that others are far more competent than themselves.
  • The over-riding feeling of being worthless.
  •  A general lack of confidence.
  • Constantly overcoming shyness.
  • Fear of nobody understanding you.
         Over trying to 'fit in'.

I offer effective long term solutions to help you overcome social anxiety treatment for life.

On top of these possible symptoms and problems, many sufferers have mastered the art of concealment. They're often incredibly good at concealing their inner pain and hurt by 'appearing' confident. Even close friends are often not aware that they are indeed suffering greatly and this 'act', for the sufferer is incredibly tiring.

It can take a huge amount of effort and energy to hide away which often results in 'private' breakdowns and a feeling of constantly being drained. To stop the pain of suffering from Social Phobia and Anxiety, just pluck up enough courage from somewhere and contact me today.  I can help with you overcoming social anxiety, in Leicester, Leicestershire Today.



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