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Reviews from a few past clients and students

"I think most of what could be said about Alexia's amazing abilities as a therapist and more have been said in the other reviews. She is an incredibly talented and compassionate person, who took me on when others turned me away and is bringing me back to being a whole person again. So I'll just add one thing: If Carlsberg did therapists, they'd be Alexia Elliott!!"

"Worry and anxiety over food and my life was all consuming.  It had all but taken over all my days and left me feeling so scared and alone that I didn't think I could ever feel safe, content or allow myself to smile ever again.  I found Alexia's approach and methods were a massive help, not only in making me feel better about myself but helping me find that teeny little bit of light in my life and showing me how to brighten up my whole existence.  It all made sense after she helped me to see who I really am, turns out I didn't have all that to worry about after all and after a few sessions with her, I began to feel so much better about all that was worrying me.  I can't believe I struggled for so long when I didn't have to.  Alexia has a gentle, yet no-nonsense approach that is very caring; understated but SO effective.  I'd trust her with my spirit, mind and worries without hesitation, anytime."   KDP

"Sometimes words do not do people justice, and sometimes there are not enough words or emotions to express how grateful I am for having met such an inspirational and wonderful woman/therapist. I remember the very first session that I had with Alexia, wondering if this person was going to be able to help me. Within minutes after meeting Alexia, I was at ease and felt very relaxed and comfortable. For once in my life, I felt that this time was about ME. After many years I had finally realised and accepted that there were areas in my life that I needed to change in particular, depressive episodes and weight loss. Little did I realise that the two were so interlinked, and for the first time, I felt that there was someone out there who understood the pain and torment that I had been going through."

"Alexia is truly an amazing therapist with so much empathy and compassion for the people that she works with. I have gained so many valuable life-tools that have helped me to work though, and continue to work through, some of the barriers I had been facing"

"I looked forward to every session with Alexia and found it so easy to talk to her as I knew I could trust her. Alexia has helped me see things so much more clearly and have the belief to take things a step-at-a-time, with awareness and compassion for the journey that is taking place. Without any doubt, I will always HIGHLY RECOMMEND Alexia because, quite simply, she is the best. An inspirational person that helps you to see your world in a brighter light, an inspirational person that inspires you to be a better person". Kerry

"Working with Alexia of Empowerment Therapy has given me an amazing lease of life that seemed impossible two months ago. Alexia has a wide range of therapy skills which she constantly develops, a natural empathy toward people and an open mind. Using this mix, she provided me with therapy that was specific to my needs while being flexible toward the changes that I experienced. Most importantly, the journey that we went through was fun and creative (along with the odd tear); this provided me with the freedom I needed to gain true self-awareness and make necessary change. Empowerment Hypnotherapy is an exceptional service that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to actively improve their life." Fiona

"I visited Alexia for weight-related issues. I had struggled all my life. As well as weight loss, I was able to explore and close some very difficult issues in my life that were symptoms of my over eating. I am now able to eat sensible choices, eating wise feeling better physically and psychologically". Maisie

"Alexia is a great listener and orchestrator of questions that inevitably make you search your inner soul to find root causes of anxiety and stress related problems, which often manifest as physical conditions. Doctors may prescribe medication and time off to heal, but Alexia brings about self-awareness that enables improved management of the cause and a better outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending her skills to any person or organisation" David

"Alexia Elliott was the Therapist I had sessions with. She was very Professional but also extremely friendly and put me at my ease straight away. I found the session fees paid for themselves in my case as I spent less on Alcohol due to them. Myself belief and health also improved. Thank you." Pete

"As I was coming from anon counselling background, I wanted a course that catered for as wide a range of therapy topics as possible. Talking Cures exceeded this aspiration in every way. I have had doors opened to so many things; it's been a delight to start investigating future directions. The course covers all conceivable presenting problems and goes on to demonstrate many different ways of approaching them - from hypnotherapy, NLP, shamanic approaches and combinations of all three. I found the delivery to be well paced and sympathetic to the feelings of the group. In fact it was only looking back when I realised how much ground we had covered every weekend. The theory is interspersed with practical exercises and enlivened by many anecdotes and examples from the real world of counselling. The emphasis of the teaching is in the title of the course - quick, efficient cures for clients, not whys and wherefores. The client is then left empowered to go on with a life, armed with more choices than they thought possible. If asked to sum up the course, I would describe it as a launch pad. A runway designed for students to take off in any direction they choose in the wide world of counselling. I would recommend it heartily to anyone considering taking up counselling, furthering their career or as wonderful self-development." Brett Corden (True North Counselling)

"Having started the course with Talking Cures Training with no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy, I can honestly say that it has changed my life. Every single module was excellently taught by Alexia and Martin, both of whom have a wealth of experience in hypnotherapy, NLP and Shamanism. They made every single one of the students feel at home from the word go. I enjoyed the course so much that I have become a professional hypnotherapist myself. I would recommend Talking Cures Training to anyone who wants to learn the skills and techniques involved in hypnotherapy, NLP and Shamanic healing. Every single lesson involved a lot of practical work, backed up with excellent slides and presentations" Mark

"Alexia and her hypnotherapy treatment has changed my life. It took around just six weeks. I came to Alexia much as a last resort, after years of therapy and medication, Alexia was my only hope. I only wish I had met her sooner! I found her to be very welcoming and not at all patronizing. The hypnotherapy was a very relaxing treatment that I would fully recommend. I have gone from being a very insecure, confused, unhappy, frightened girl to being a happy, confident woman ready to take on the world :) What ever issue or issues you may have give Alexia and her Hypnotherapy a go and you will become the person you long to be"


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