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What is Psycho-Spiritual Therapy?


“There is joy in the transformation when the butterfly in you emerges."

As a spiritual teacher, it is quite natural that I incorporate where required, a spiritual approach to my therapy work. Working towards awareness, understanding and change. We will draw upon the world of metaphysics and talk about the totality of you. Mind, body and spirit.
All of us need others to help us find our way in life. We need teachers and guides, both visible and invisible, to give us hope, inspiration and guidance. Ultimately, however, the answers we are looking for, lie within us, waiting to be discovered.
As a Psycho-spiritual therapist, I work with people on the cusp of change, who want to bring the depths of who they are into their life. I believe that as beings, we are unlimited in our potential and therefore there is no limit to our growth. My view on life and humanity is very positive. But I do not deny our darker side, or what Carl Jung referred to as the shadow. When we polarise with our shadow – turning ourselves into good parts and bad parts – we deplete our potential and disconnect from our true self.  We will work together to increase your awareness and strength to face that, which is fearful, disowned or painful.
Through our work together, I will help you see that the painful or hurt places within you, are portals for your greatest growth and transformation. Working as a Psycho-Spiritual therapist allows me to guide you to greater consciousness and feel a sense of wholeness Finding those answers is what Is often referred to as  “Inner  Work”. The result of going inside to know yourself as both a human personality and a divine being is a life-enhancing process.

There is magic in the telling of your story. . .




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