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Hypnotherapy can help you overcome jealousy problems

Jealousy problems can cause many problems for us and those in our lives. Hypnotherapy will help you to overcome and change the way you think.  Trust, or the lack of trust, can be intimately involved with jealousy issues, But at the root of Jealousy, is about how we feel about ourselves. Jealousy is how bad it makes us feel about ourselves if we feel that our partner likes the look of someone or finds them attractive, possibly even more attractive than us. Therefore overcoming jealousy must start with changing how we feel about ourselves.


Hypnotherapy is incredibly powerful in doing this, at Empowerment Hypnotherapy based in Leicester Leicestershire, I offer a free consultation, where you can make an appointment and find out more about how Hypnotherapy can help you overcome jealousy quickly.

What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is generally accepted as a feeling we have when we believe a relationship that is very important to us is under threat.   Jealousy is actually anger. Jealousy generally starts as a doubt, moves on to a feeling of deep hurt and then to anger. This can be very destructive to a relationship and results in putting restrictions on to partners, as to where they can go, what they can look at and who they can speak to etc., this can lead to us getting what we fear our partner leaving us, usually as we have driven them away with our questions and doubts and anger.

 Very often the doubts that start the feelings of jealousy come from a feeling of inadequacy about ourselves. Unfortunately, those feelings of inadequacy, doubt and hurt then lead to anger and arguments which make us feel pretty bad about ourselves, resulting in us feeling even more inadequate. This causes a cycle to develop more inadequacy, doubts, hurt, and anger, making us feel more jealous and more inadequate. We then become full of negative thoughts about not only the relationship but also about ourselves.

Overcoming jealousy with hypnotherapy In Leicester

Through hypnotherapy, we can learn how to relax and therefore feel more relaxed in difficult situations and learn techniques and strategies to enable you to remain in control.

While you are in the lovely relaxed state of hypnosis you can learn to feel better about ourselves improving your self-esteem. This makes you feel more positive and feel you can overcome the problem.

Feeling positive, relaxed and better about ourselves means you act in a more positive way with the absence of the feelings inadequacy hurt and anger.  Feeling positive will makes you act and feel in a more positive way which makes leads to feeling good in any situations.


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