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Hypnotherapy can help you with Bulimia Nervosa

This is a diet – binge-purge disorder and like Anorexia can kill. The sufferer puts on a courageous effort to be ‘normal’ but often experience depression, loneliness, inner anger, self-doubt and feel ashamed/guilty when they are by themselves and are unable to talk about their feelings. They can be promiscuous, take illicit substances, binge drink and become reckless with shoplifting, often from food stores.

When someone like yourself comes to me for help, we will focus on instead is helping you to feel better about yourself. To feel more confident and more relaxed. To feel more in control once again and to rebuild your self-esteem and self-respect, we can explore and resolve the underlying issues, which will help break the patterns of the binge cycle.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are very effective at doing this and a rather beneficial side effect is that you then also tend to feel much more in control of your emotions, eating and your weight and feel kinder towards yourself.



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