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What is Solution Focused Therapy?

Solution Focused Therapy is a here-and-now type of psychotherapy that places emphasis on the present and future. Rather than analysing problems, therapists will attempt to engage the client in a conversation about potential solutions, operating from the viewpoint that change is not only possible but inevitable. It is a distinctly positive approach to psychotherapy.


Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is part of the Systems therapy approach. Therapists encourage the client to talk about solutions and believe that spending too much time on problems contributes to their perpetuation, thus distracting the client from formulating solutions to their issues.

How can solution-focused brief therapy help?

Solution-focused brief therapy is used as a type of family therapy. It is also effective at treating common emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression and relationship issues. Solution-focused therapy helps people to gain more self-awareness and people attempting to make life transitions.

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