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Hypnotherapy can help you overcome blushing

Almost everybody experiences facial blushing at some point, and it is a very normal, bodily reaction. Blushing is an unconscious, physical response that our bodies have to certain situations and is most often the result of feeling embarrassed, 'on the spot' or just feeling judged by other people.

However, blushing becomes a problem when the sufferer becomes intensely aware of themselves blushing - resulting in feeling even more aware of themselves. Plus, the fact that the sufferer thinks that others can see them blushing only serves to make them feel even more self-conscious. They may then come to dread or avoid social situations or interactions due to a fear of blushing. Many people contact me for help with blushing with Hypnotherapy - it is a very common problem.

It is often one of the symptoms of social anxiety or social phobia, which is a fear of any situation where the sufferer is likely to feel embarrassed, humiliated or judged - for example; talking during meetings at work, dinner parties, public speaking, interviews etc.

Associated symptoms:

    sensitivity to criticism
    negative self-image
    fear of rejection
    difficulty in being assertive
    feelings of inferiority.
    Basically, any situation in life where you might feel embarrassed, on the spot, judged, silly out of control etc.

Help for blushing with Hypnotherapy In Leicester, with Alexia Elliott a Leicestershire based Hypnotherapist.

Blushing responds really well to hypnotherapy and you can be fairly certain of a resolution after just a few Hypnotherapy sessions.




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