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Hypnotherapy can help with Binge Eating

Binge Eating or Emotional Eating

Most of the time we eat in response to our minds, most of the time we eat without consulting our bodies, most of the time when we eat and what we are eating has little to do with physical nourishment Emotional hunger starts in your mind, not your body.

Emotional eaters consciously or unconsciously use food to manage anxiety, to make themselves feel better, to give comfort when they feel sad, lonely angry. Emotional eating is when you eat in response to feelings rather than hunger, usually as a way to suppress or relieve negative emotions.

Stress, anxiety, sadness, boredom, anger, loneliness, relationship problems and poor self-esteem can all trigger emotional eating. When emotions determine your eating habits rather than your stomach, it can quickly lead to overeating, weight gain and guilt.

If you find yourself regularly eating in response to emotions, and want to change, trust me you can. I will teach you strategies that give you choice and power back in your life.  We will also explore the deeper aspects of emotional hunger/eating, that drive the emotional eating habit.

Do you agree with any of the following statements?

· My hunger comes on suddenly
· I crave specific food
· My hunger feels urgent
· My hunger is often paired with an upsetting emotion
· My eating habits involve mindless or distracted eating
· I don't stop eating in response to being full
· My hunger isn't located in my belly
· After I satisfy my hunger, I am often filled with a sense of regret or guilt
· I am very hungry and I just feel compelled to satisfy my urge
· I need to eat something right away
· I need to overeat or stuff myself
· I want to taste a favourite food
· I can't think of anything else except food
· Something inside keeps pushing me towards food
· I need to treat myself
· I can't go on unless I eat soon
· I am hollow inside and need to fill myself up with food
· My body is tense or shaky and I need to eat
· Food will calm me down
· Food can protect me from what I am afraid of

To some extent, we all have an emotional relationship with food. The intensity of this relationship depends from one person to the next. Consider this; we are born into the world, separated from the comfort of the womb, this we can imagine this to be somewhat unsettling, we cry, what happens next? We are given food, well, milk. We are soothed, at this very young age; we may develop our first association between emotion and food. Feel emotion= food will comfort. Of course, crying is a communication system for a baby, but this association, if reinforced throughout our childhood, can lead to us unconsciously carrying it out into our adult lives.

How can Hypnotherapy help you to stop emotional eating?

During your hypnotherapy sessions, we will talk a lot, I will ask you lots of questions, not because I'm nosey, well I am a little bit, but the reason why I ask so many questions, is that I want to discover what exactly is happening to you, how do you do it? What is causing you to eat emotionally? For many, emotional eating is a result of habit, others, it’s a result of their beliefs, for others, maybe they have been trained by the parents.

We will also look at strategies which you can use, that will put you in control and overcome the habit of eating emotionally. Of course, we will do Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy enables you to make changes in your thoughts, beliefs and automatic behaviours, which, put you in an empowered position.





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