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Hypnotherapy can help you manage Bereavement and Loss

There is no right or wrong way to grieve after losing someone or something we love. We grieve because of a loved one dying, a relationship or dream ending, or the death of a pet. Loss of any kind can make us feel bereft. Grief is the intense feeling we feel; bereavement is the process.

Everyone grieves differently; there is no set timetable. Some people don't start grieving until much after the loss. That's OK. Whatever the cause of your grief, it's important to let the process unfold; grieving takes time and happens gradually.

There are a lot of myths surrounding bereavement, and the subject of death is too often taboo. But we all die and all experience losses; sorrow is the natural response. Grief can also elicit feelings of guilt, anger, shock and disbelief, and manifest itself physically.

One of the myths is that not talking about the loved one or our pain is to "be strong" and helps those around us "get on" - but the opposite is true. Not sharing how we feel can make the grieving process harder and feel more alone.

If you would like a safe space in which to express yourself freely, make sense of your feelings and feel supported in your process.

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