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Anger Management

Hypnotherapy can help you with anger management

·     Does it feel that this emotion is controlling you and not the other way around?

·      Do you feel like you lose control?

·     Is your temper affecting your relationships?

·      Is your anger related to the fear of losing someone?

·     Are you tired of regretting what you have done or said as a result of uncontrolled anger?

Anger is a normal and natural reaction we have as human beings, however, when it gets habitually out of control it can lead to issues affecting health, relationships and work. Hypnotherapy can help you change and regain control.
5 signs you may be  frustrated :                                                            

    Small matters frustrate you.

    You cannot find solutions to challenges.

    You are inactive.

    You cannot make decisions.

    Poor sleep

5 signs of unhealthy anger:

    Road rage

    A red mist descending in arguments.

    A guilty feeling as a consequence of anger.

    Anger lasting more than a few moments.

    Anger as a coping mechanism to changing situations.

The Benefits Hypnotherapy for  Anger Management

You can change, we will take a pro-active approach

 During your Hypnotherapy session, we will focus on effecting change at a deeper level of our unconscious mind, it is extremely helpful in relieving the symptoms of, and dealing with the causes of anger. This helps you feel in a stronger, more resourceful and positive.

The reasons why hypnotherapy and NLP, are so effective at relieving the symptoms and often the causes of anger, lie in the fact that the routes of anger reside within our unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is the part of us that controls our beliefs, feelings, emotions and behaviours. It is our unconscious mind that is responsible for getting us deeply absorbed in erroneous or negative patterns of thinking, behaving and relating to others that are often the primary symptoms of anger.

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy creates a state of mind, which helps bypasses the conscious mind and creates an alternative state of consciousness, in which attention can be focused away from the present reality. Rather like daydreaming, attention can then be focused towards particular images, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motivations and behaviours, which will help change habitual responses and learnt behaviours, as well as help, create new ways of seeing things.

Because Hypnotherapy focuses on effecting change within the unconscious Mind. During therapy you will learn how to retrain you’re thinking, so your responses are more resourceful and positive.

Hypnotherapy is proven to be a fast and effective means of teaching people new ways of thinking. It is also an enjoyable route, for accessing new possibilities for feelings and behaviours, in a quick and integrated manner

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